Romper Stomper

A gang of violent neo-Nazi skinheads from Footscray, Victoria, Australia attack two Vietnamese-Australian teenagers in a subway tunnel at Footscray Station (filmed at Richmond Station). The gang is led by Hando (Russell Crowe) and his friend and second in command, Davey (Daniel Pollock). They meet drug addict Gabrielle (Jacqueline McKenzie) the day after her sexually abusive, highly affluent father Martin (Alex Scott), has her junkie boyfriend beaten up. Gabrielle starts a romantic association with Hando.

Some of gang’s skinhead friends visit from Canberra, one of whom has joined the Royal Australian Navy and is home on leave. After a long night of drinking, fighting, and sex, two members of the gang go to their local pub. Unbeknown to them the owner has sold it to a Vietnamese Australian businessman. Upon seeing the new owner and his sons, they inform Hando. Hando and his gang arrive and savagely beat the new owner’s sons. A third Vietnamese youth phones for help, and several armed Vietnamese men descend on the skinheads. The Vietnamese outnumber the skinheads and a few are killed. The Vietnamese force them to retreat to their rented warehouse, where the Vietnamese ransack the building before setting it on fire.


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