Art-Town The Jungle Book 2023

After two incredible days of performances at the Tuoi Tre Theatre in Hanoi, the emotional adventure of “The Jungle Book” has officially come to a close. Inspired by the captivating stories of Rudyard Kipling, this production has left a lasting impact on both the audience and the talented young actors.

Throughout the five-week rehearsal period at Art-Town in Ecopark, the children not only grew closer to one another but also discovered a wealth of knowledge and skills. It was a relatively short period of time, but it proved to be sufficient for them to form deep connections and expand their horizons.

Above all, the overwhelming emotions experienced by the children on their first professional stage were truly unparalleled. There were tears, not of regret, but of sheer joy and accomplishment as they bravely overcame their fears and stood before the audience, feeling the warmth of every applause and cheer.

This summer became a time of profound meaning as the children had the freedom to play, explore, and fully immerse themselves in their roles. They transformed into true artists, captivating the hearts of every spectator. The musical not only entertained, but also instilled unity, determination, and pride in everyone involved. We, as well as the proud parents, couldn’t be more thrilled with the achievements of our children.

Art-Town extends its heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, children, parents, and especially the audience, who have shown immense love and support for this project. The success we have achieved today is not solely due to the efforts of the teachers and children, but also thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement from everyone involved.

We would also like to express our deep appreciation to the professional partners who have been with us throughout this journey. The DramaLab, led by Tony Le Nguyen, Ms. Hannah Grape Seed, Blue Whale Music & Arts Center, Vy Music Studio, choreographers Viet Anh Le and Ms. Thuong Thuong, and of course, Nha Singing Tuoi Tre, who provided the children with a real stage and allowed them to spread their wings as they took their first steps on the artistic path.

With the trust and hope of parents, we understand that it will always require more effort to bring children closer to the world of art and help them reach for their colorful dreams. The end of this journey serves as a solid foundation for future endeavors, and we eagerly anticipate the continued support and companionship of parents and children in the near future!


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